Friday Night Master Clubs says hello to all!!!

Progress being made!!!

I praise the LORD for a good day of work. The tempature made it to 20 which is really warm as of late. Special thanks to Chris, Bill, and Ron for all the help.
To God be the Glory!!!!

Calling to mind the Words of the Lord Jesus 1/27/06 -2 Outside br........

Gabcast! Calvary Baptist Church News and Hanger Project #40

Thank you Anchor Baptist Missions International

Having Fun with the new aircraft toter!!!!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Anchor Baptist Ministries for the tools that we will put in the service of the King. This toter is one of them. Excuse us for the fun we were having on it.

Missionary Todd Bell

Greetings from Snowy Sanford Maine 1/15/07

Gabcast! Calvary Baptist Church News and Hanger Project #29

Mission to Houlton Maine

The mission to Houlton was a huge success today. God was very gracious to us in giving us excellent weather for the trip. Thanks to the six guys that went we were able to mud the sanctuary and get it ready to sand for painting. We left at 7:45a.m. and were back in town at 3:15p.m. Praise God for the plane. Just the travel time in the car would have been 9 hours and we were to travel and work in less then eight hours. Hallelujah!!!! I'll have a few more pictures of the mission but I thought you would like the one of Mt. Katahdin in all it's splendour. The temperature was a cool 10 degrees as we flew by and snapped this shot.

Mission to Houlton Maine 1/11/07

Gabcast! Calvary Baptist Church News and Hanger Project #26