The ladies of our church will be providing for the all the servants of Christ that are coming Monday. The menu is as follows!

BREAKFAST at 9:30 Blueberry coffee cake and cinnamon coffee cake and fruit coffee and juice

LUNCH Soup, salad bar, and sandwiches

SUPPER Ham, roasted potatoes, salad bar, fresh green beans, and corn on the cob, rolls and dessert!

The annual Maine Plant and root rally is to be held this Monday the 8th at Calvary Baptist Church of Sanford Maine.

The meeting is not a fellowship though we do fellowship around the Word of God.  This meeting is a rally service.  Years ago Pastor Jason Stoeber and I were burdened about having a meeting once a month that emphasized planting new churches and rooting existing ones.  Our vision was to bring fellow believers together once a month and rally the troops to go onward and forward with this vision.  To God be the Glory this is what has happened.  We look forward to your attendance on Monday.  The order is as follows.
10 a.m.
Pastor John Kelly preaching

Pastor Dave David Peterman preaching

Brother Scott Sandy preaching

Lunch approximately at 12:30.

Afternoon teaching sessions at 2 p.m.

Pastor Chad Colburn Importance of expositional preaching

Pastor Matthew Jones Importance of knowing our Baptist History

Pastor Todd Bell Church Planting 101

Evening meal at 5 p.m.

Evening service at 7

Calvary Baptist Choir and special music.

Pastor Todd Bell (host Pastor) closing out the day.

Hope to see you there!  Let's pack our church out with a rally that would impact all of Maine with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Let's see churches planted in every town in Maine and those that are there rooted for His glory!  Come on!  We can do it!