Work Day 12/30/06

Today was a very profitable day at the hanger. Bro. Bill, David, Ron, Jack, and myself worked all day. The siding was put on the office and all the braces were put on the beams. Their were over 150 braces that needed to be put up. Ron and Jack did that today. We worked in the snow all day as we got around 3 or 4 inches.
When you see the sun setting think with me about how late the hour is. Truly the hour is late but the need is great lets win the lost at any cost.

Daily Update for 12/30/06

Gabcast! Calvary Baptist Church News and Hanger Project #15

Door and Windows and Finished West Side

New Pictures of the West Side

This side is completely in the dry. Our picture lady left before it was over. I'll have new pictures tonight.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support!!

Morning Update 12/29/06

Here what our God did on Yesterday and the devotional for this morning!!

Gabcast! Calvary Baptist Church News and Hanger Project #14

Morning Update 12/28/06

Thank each of you for your prayers and support of our ministry. Without you we would be much hindered. We are able to stand because you have been kneeling on our behalf. We covet your prayers.

God Bless

Gabcast! Calvary Baptist Church News and Hanger Project #13

Morning Update and Devotional 12/27/06

Gabcast! Construction of Hanger etc... #12

Hanging the Door

To God be the Glory Great Things He Has Done. The door went up today just perfectly. I praise God for His Blessings. Thank you for your prayers. Also was able to finish off the slats on the roof for the office. It is now ready for metal to go on. Pray that it comes in soon and we can be totally in the dry.

Missionary Todd Bell

Greetings 12/20/06 6:30a.m.

Gabcast! Construction of Hanger etc... #5

A Glorious Day of Work

Today was a special day. Praise God for the blessings of good weather. Pictured is a work crew from Victory Baptist in N.H. These guys have been a tremendous blessing to this ministry. The endwall was put up today with the help of this team. Thanks guys your a blessing!!!
We covet your prayers as we continue to get the building in the dry. Possibly the end of the week.

Morning Devotional

Gabcast! Construction of Hanger etc... #3

Slow Progress

Only got to work a half day today. I did get the patch off my eye. To God be the Glory it looks like I will heal up fine. Continue to pray that my vision will not be affected. It's still blurry but the Doc. said it will be better in a few days.
Tore, Benjamin and myself finished up some of the office today. Tomorrow we plan to put some skin up on the outside. The LORD has blessed us with some wonderful weather for December. Praise God!!! I was reading in my devotionals today and came across a great text in Mark 12:11 "This was the Lord's doing...." Amen and Amen!
That is what's going on around here with people getting saved, discipled, and continuing on in the LORD'S work. This for sure is His doing. I covet your prayers for my family and I as we continue to daily serve the Lord Jesus Christ.
Yours for the Souls of Sanford;
Missionary Todd Bell

The Pirate

Construction on the office

Today was a very eventful day. We began putting the plywood on the office. We nailed all the trusses securely. Progress was being made until the wind cause the plywood dust to attack me. The dust filled my left eye. After a trip to the ER and then on to the eye doctor, I am now an official member of the "Patch the Pirate club". Hope to be back on the site tomorrow afternoon.

Hanger Work Continues

Today was a great day of work on the Hanger. We got all the roof trusses in place for the office. The office is going to be real nice. Continue to pray that we will get all the hanger in the dry by next week. Pray also that we will have supernatural strength to continue for God's Glory. Amen!!
Mrs. Amy had a great ladies meeting tonight. She brought a devotional and the ladies had a cookie swap. It was well attended and the ladies left encouraged in the LORD. Praise God for the call of our Lord to serve HIM here in Maine.
Missionary Todd Bell

Yesterday was a great day of working on the hanger. We had to put up a wall to support the roof that is going on the office. The work was kind of slow but progress was made. Hopefully by tomorrow we will be able to have the office in the dry. Pray for each of us that God will protect us and also that labourers will join in the effort of finishing this hanger for the Glory of God. I praise the LORD for His bountiful blessings thus far. Please Pray for our Family as we continue to win souls and start churches in the Northeast and Canada.

Services on Sunday

On Sunday our church was privileged to have Bro. Randy Bane preach. It was a blessing to hear him as he preached the Blessed Old Book. Many hearts were challenged and the church was stirred for the Glory of God. The attendance was excellent at both meetings and the Spirit of Liberty was prevelent. To God be the Glory Great things He had done!!!!