August 9th 2013 5:34 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

Wow is one of the words that I can use to start this entry.  Glory to God is more.  Whoopee!

I actually have had to stop writing so much on this blog because of how busy I am with several projects at the church and ministry.  I just want to tell all of those who pray for us thank you for continuing to pray!!  May the God of Heaven bless you.

Currently we have been remodeling another staff house that our church bought last Tuesday.  We can see the end in sight.  Can you believe that I have not even taken one picture of it yet.  Theirs so much to do I don't even take the time.

We have painted, put in new windows, fixed bathrooms, replaced cabinets and currently I am making cabinets for part of the kitchen now.  I should have them finished today.

I am so thrilled this morning as I think about going to Bryant Pond Baptist Church.  My good friend Matt Jones is the pastor and I can't wait to be with his people.  What a thrill to go and preach missions.  This is my heart and if I had my way that's all I would ever preach about!  I love church planting and missions!  Well!  Tell Me!!

I do wish you would pray about God's will in regards to the plane ministry.  I have an opportunity to get into another high performance that will boost the speed of our missions and update the plane from a 1966 to a 1979.  I have slowly working toward this end for months and I sense this is how God is leading.  I would need to sell the plane that I have and fix the other engine up.  Of course this cost to the tune of around 30,000.  Please pray with me that our God would supply.  HE CAN!!!  God has used this ministry to start many works across this state and to also mentor many Men of God.  I want it to be in the best position to continue this work.  What a Joy!!!!  Glory!!!

We welcome two new staff members next week.  God is blessing and I love it!!!

Thank you to all my supporters that have helped me prayerfully and financially to allow us to continue to build and buy while I am still being supported by mission dollars.  This has freed up this local church so that we might be able to continue to be on the offensive!   Wow!

Speaking of offensive we are getting ready to break off 2 more lots and sell them.  These will go to the church also.  It's so exciting!  My fingers are shouting!

We received the house and 81 acres as a gift.  Our family immediately gave it back to The Lord and now we have been stewarding the process.  It's a joy to see how God's works.  May the God of Heaven continue to give it through us not just to us!  Come on !  Somebody say AMEN!!

I will write more as things happen and hopefully update you more on a regular basis!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell