March 31, 2009 6:44 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

I pray you are having a wonderful day in the LORD. Our day started bright and early this morning around 5:30. It's always a thrill to be able to roll out of the bed and give God the Praise and the Glory for how good HE has been. Have you done that today? We all must stop our whining and complaining and murmuring and give Him praise. Guard against this spirit of complaining if your life and fight it with continual praise. Your be a better person and your life will continue to count for Christ!!

Yesterday was filled with blessings all day as I worked on a pulpit for Pastor Short in Massachusetts. The good Lord willing I will deliver it this week. I am making it out of solid oak lumber so it is taking a little longer but it will be nice when I get done. I will be sure to take some pictures so all of you can see them.

We invited the Kindreds over last night and had a wonderful time of fellowship together. I thank God for this family and the good work they are doing in North Baldwin Maine. Continue to pray for them that God would bless the work there and souls would be saved and the saints of God encouraged in the LORD!!

Today I will be studying for Bible Institute (already been busy reading all of 2 Corinthians this morning) working on an airplane, the pulpit, counseling, visiting, being a dad, and husband and a few other things. No worries with something to do. Praise God for the privilege to serve HIM!! Well Glory!!!!!

As you pray remember our missionaries in the Ukraine the Isbells. Pray that God would bless them and continue to use them for HIS Glory!!

Preacher T. Bell

Monday March 30, 2009 5:57a.m.

Greetings on this Marvelous Monday

I just wanted to share a brief update on what our God has been doing in our lives these last few days. On Friday I got to go golfing with my boy in New Hampshire. That was fun to finally be able to get out and enjoy the good weather with the snow melting away. Just on a side note, I beat him!!

Also on Friday we had discipleship training at our house with a family from our church. That went very well with Bro. Jeff Faggart from the Baptist History Preservation Society with us to. We ended up having a worship service and God blessed and helped us.

My day Saturday was spent in study, prayer and visiting. It is always good to be alone with the LORD and hear his voice as I prepare for Sunday.

Sunday will stand for some time as a big day for our church. After the morning service I baptized 10 people. On Sunday night we accepted 14 more people into membership of our church. That's on top of the 5 that joined Wednesday night. What a great day and to top it off we had the Lord's Supper on Sunday night. All the day the annointing of God was strong and the LORD moved in a powerful way.

I'm looking forward to a great week in the LORD. What an honor to be entrusted with the gospel. I am so grateful to my God that He lets me serve Him. Pray fervently for us this week that we would be able to see more saved and lives changed as we serve the God of Heaven.

Preacher Todd Bell

March 26, 2009 6:00 a.m.

Good Morning and Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST!!

I had a great day on yesterday studying for the message last night. What a blessing it was to preach to the people of God. Our services were full and the LORD encouraged us to be diligent in all that we do. I bless His name for His faithfulness.

I finished up a major installation of the wood boiler also. Now 75 % of the house is on line with the outside wood boiler.

Bro. Don is doing a wonderful job at the airport with all the maintenance. It's such a blessing to have someone there to keep up with everything when it tears up.

Pray much today as I go and mentor the Schoppes. Pray that the LORD will teach all of us the truths of the Word of God together.

Thanks again for your prayers and concern for the ministry God has called us to.

Bro. Bell

March 25, 2009 6:03 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name!!!

I pray you are having a good morning thus far. Boy oh boy did I sleep good last night. I am so grateful to that and I bless the LORD that HE giveth his beloved sleep as the scriptures declares.

I had a great day on yesterday. Started out early in my study preparing for Bible Institute. What a blessing it was to go and teach last night on the Comforting Ministry of our God. The LORD met with us and helped us immensely.

I went to the hanger and helped Bro. Don out for a few hours. I was able to put the right side of the airplane back together. Lord willing I'll go back down today and do a little more.

Bro. Ron came over and helped me with the heat again. I hoping that today we will have 75% of the house totally on the outside wood boiler. It's doing good keeping up with everything. It's a blessing to only have to load it once a day thus far. I believe if I had the proper length of wood I could make it two days.

Today I am excited and have already been studying for the message tonight. I'm so thrilled about being able to help God's people. What a joy and delight it is to be entrusted with the glorious gospel.

Keep praying for us. I do covet all of your prayers.


March 24, 2009 6:46 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

It's been a few days since I updated everyone. The LORD has blessed in a wonderful way these last several days.

Finally on Saturday we got our outside wood boiler up and running and it is doing great. No more oil for us as we are heating our hot water and house totally with wood.

The youth meeting on Saturday night was a huge success. We had close to 100 there with a great spirit in the meeting. The message was powerful as Bro. Ness just let er rip from the blessed Word of God. The altar call was good and the fellowship afterwards was very tasty (taco salad).

On Sunday the LORD spoke to me about the thought of laziness. I preached on it all day long here in Sanford and also on the island of Islesboro. I am so grateful to our God for how HE moved all throughout this day. It never ceases to amaze me how HE helps me and gives me strength to keep a very tight schedule. Well, praise the LORD!!!!! Hallelujah to the Lamb!!!!!! Someone hold my mules while I shout a while!!!

Yesterday I worked 13 hours replacing our windows in the old farm house. I have two left and should get to them this week sometime. I was thrilled to be able to get six in on yesterday.

I'm looking forward to a great day of study and preparation for Bible Institute tonight. I plan also to work at the airport some helping Bro. Don. Ron is going to come over today and install some heat in our kitchen to. Busy day planned for the MASTER!

The video is extra, I won't charge you for it. I thought you would like to see some of the sights we saw on last Friday as my family flew down to New York City for a family day.

God Bless each of you and thank you for your prayers for my family.

Pastor Bell

March 20, 2009 5:26 a.m.


I had a great day on yesterday with my family and out visiting. The LORD be praised for all HE is doing in and through our lives here in Sanford.

Last night was special as we drove down to Lynn, Ma to preach at New Hope Baptist Church. The LORD granted liberty and power to be able to communicate the truth "Let us not be weary"! What a great time we all had as we fellowshipped together around the Gospel of Christ. I might as well admit it, we did get over to Kelley's Roast Beef and have a little snack. That's one of our favorite places to eat when we go down to Ma.

Today Lord willing our family is going down to New York City to spend the day looking around and having some family time together. Pray much for us that we would have safety everywhere we go and be a witness for our LORD!

Tonight were looking forward to discipleship with a family in our church. I pray the LORD helps us as we teach this family the truths of the Word of God!

I thank God for each of you!


Landing at Boston Logan 22Right

I took Bro.Jon Jenkins back to Boston Logan today. What a blessing all the people are there in Boston. I have enjoyed going in there twice this week. Continue to pray for us as we reach this region for Christ. Pastor Bell

March 18 2009 11 a.m.

Greetings in the Name that is above all Names the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ!!

The last few days have been filled with great ministry oppurtunities. One of those has been the privilage to be in revival meeting at Westbrook Baptist Church in Westbrook Maine. The LORD indeed blessed with Bro. Jon Jenkins preaching and the choir singing. I praise God for this great time that we had.

This week I have had the open door to fly into Boston Logan twice. That has been a thrill to me and I am working with massport to be able to fly into Boston for free.
Pray that this works out.

I'm looking forward to a great service tonight and we are praying for souls to be saved and the saints of God stirred.

The LORD is good!!!! Glory!!!!


Short field landing on Islesboro (snow on runway)

We had great services on the island on Sunday Afternoon. I thank God for the Schoppe family that are faithful there to preach the gospel and share the gospel with others so they can be saved. Pray much for this work that it would continue to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of the LORD!

I could only take the Cessna 150 so me and Josh went and had a good time. This plane is nice but it is sllllllllllllllllow!! Praise God it's faster than driving or walking. Amen and Amen!!!


Flying into Boston Logan

Good Morning I praise God for the good day yesterday of fellowship with Pastor Stoeber and Bro. Jon Jenkins. The LORD afforded me the oppurtunity to pick Bro. Jenkins up in Boston Logan. What a blessing it was to finally be able to fly into there. This is just a little video that details some of the events of the day. We had great services last night at the revival meeting in Westbrook. What a blessing it is to be able to get in on some of these meetings. Continue to pray that our God would move and bless and we could see many more people saved and lives changed!!

Pastor Bell

March 16, 2009 7:36 a.m.

Good Morning

We had a great day all day long yesterday at Calvary Baptist Church. The LORD moved in a special way in all of our services. It's so wonderful to have an old fashioned church in 2009. I thank God for the privilage to pastor these people. Last night was a special service with some extra singing and testimonies. Our church also helped Bro. Don with his clutch issues with a 1,000 dollar gift.

Our services on Islesboro were also blessed yesterday. Josh and I flew up there in the C150. I thank God for Pastor George Barbour that has allowed us to use his little plane. I have flown it six hours this last week and it has come in very handy. The Schoppe family are doing great and covet the prayers of His people all around the world as they minister on this island in Maine.

I'm looking forward to a great week of ministry here in the Northeast. Pray with me that we can see more people saved and churches stated for the Glory of God!!

Thank you for your prayers.

Bro. Bell

Delivering the Tank to New York

"Mine eye affecteth my heart" As we fly all over New England my heart breaks because their are so many places that need the gospel. Pray with me that many more labourers will be sent forth in the harvest fields.


March 13, 2009 6:23 a.m.

Good Morning

I praise God for the good day that HE gave me on yesterday. I got some supplies I needed to wire some things on the wood boiler early in the morning. After that I had a couple of meetings that eneded up taking most of the day. I appreciate the oppurtunity to meet and discuss some things with individuals of the church. The LORD be praised for the oppurtunity to preach the Word of God and Pastor people.

Last night I had a time of discipleship with another family in the church and that turned out real well. What a blessing it is to teach the Holy Scriptures and share with others what we have been entrusted with.

Wednesday night proved to be a great time at the hanger with some 18 people showing up and helping out. I have enclosed some of those for all of you to look at.

Keep praying for us and God's will about another place to worship (bigger!).


March 12, 2009 6:18 a.m.

Greetings in the Name that is above all Names the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ!!

Yesterday was a tremendous day of ministry here in Sanford Maine. I enjoyed studying and preparing for the evening message. The LORD really spoke to me early in the day and said keep it simple and preach on ME! I said yes sir, what text would you like for me to use? The Spirit of God burdened me for Hebrews 12 so that's where I spent the day studying and praying. The LORD be praised for the meeting we had. At the invitation time we had a lady walk the aisle and trust Christ as her Saviour!! Whoopee, Glory to God, Amen and Amen!!!! I give God the Glory for answered prayer.

Also on yesterday I was able to help my friend and plumber Bro. Ron put in my wood boiler. Lord willing that will be up and running before the end of the week. I enjoy working with my hands and seeing things come together.

I closed out my day yesterday with an Aiport Advisory Committee meeting that lasted until 9:30p.m. That was enjoyable putting my civic duty in and getting to hang around some people that are passionate about aviation.

I'm still praising God for the good day and the victory of seeing someone else saved on last night. On top of that we had a large crowd probally in the seventies there for the service. I'm praying that the God of Heaven will continue to move in power and glory as we serve HIM!

Keep praying for me. I covet your prayers.

Bro. Bell

A Day in Barters Island Maine

March 10, 2009 5:49 a.m.

Good Morning World!

Setting our Face like a Flint

In Isaiah 50:7 the Bible declares, “For the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed”. This passage is a prophecy referring to the Lord Jesus Christ. The verses associated with this verse speak of His death on the cross of Calvary for our sins. As He was walking up Calvary’s hill to shed His precious blood, the Bible declares, “I have set my face like a flint.” As a result of this, He followed through with the eternal plan to pay the price for the sins of the whole world that day. I believe He set His face like a flint because He knew that He alone could pay the price of redemption. No one else was fit to do such a task. It was His Blood and His Blood alone that had to be shed. The blood of bulls and goats that had been shed down through the annals of time could never satisfy the righteous demands of a Holy God. It took the Blood of God to pay the price. Further, I believe He set His face like a flint because He saw you and me. He saw those that would one day repent of their sins and turn to Him in faith trusting Him and Him alone to save them from their sins. He did not turn back. He followed through with the plan of God.

I don’t know who I may be talking to today but, I feel that there is someone out there who is thinking of turning back on our Lord. He didn’t turn back, why should you? Can we not learn from this passage of Scripture that we need to set our face like a flint. We need to be determined that we are going to follow through with God’s plan for our life like our Lord did. We will be rewarded with a multitude of souls that have been rescued from the perishing. Our faithful service will pay off with many that have been ministered unto. Let us all today set our face like a flint and stick to the task to which He has called us. May the God of Heaven bless these words to each of our hearts.

Pray much for me today as I do some research about a new church plant. Tonight everyone is invited to come to the hanger for a potluck and work party on the piper warrior. Should be an exciting evening!!

Please Pray for Me! If only you knew how much I covet your prayers.


March 9, 5:55 a.m. 2009

Greetings in Jesus Name

Today we welcome the winter weather back. The spring time weather has been a blessing over the last few days. The weather people are calling for up to four inches of snow. Well, praise the LORD anyway!!!

Yesterday was a tremendous day at our church. God blessed in a great way with a good crowd and good services. The chapel was pleasantly full and the spirit in the meeting was right up there. I appreciate the LORD filling me and helping me to preach the Word of God. I still have to pinch myself periodically to think that God would call me to preach the Word of God. What a privilage it is to be entrusted with the Gospel of Christ.

I looking forward to a good week of ministry here in the Northeast. I will be working to finish Bro. Dave Short's pulpit some today. Also Mrs. Amy and I will be doing some soul winning this week during the days. It's exciting to anticipate what the LORD is going to do.

As you pray think about a little church up on Barters Island Maine. They need a pastor to go and help them stay up and going. So much to and so few to do it. God has a man.

Talk to you some more on tommorow.

One of our kids choir!
Mrs. Dorothy and Miss Eleanor blessing us with a wonderful special!!
Pastor Bell encouraging the people to get behind our little kids choir!
They did a good job singing little is much when God is in it!

March 7, 2009 7:07a.m.

Spring time has sprung!!! It's a balmy 40 degrees here in Sanford Maine this morning as I type this blog and I love it. I built a couple little fires to knock the chill off in the house but it's going to be a nice day.

Pray much for me today as I study and prepare for the day tommorow. Also we are going out soul winning at 10 o'clock this morning. We are asking God to give us some souls and that He will continue to add to our church. What a thrill it is to be entrusted with the Gospel of Christ. What a message to share with the lost and dying world.

This afternoon we have a piano recital at our church. That will be a fun time together seeing what the kids have learned over the last year.

If I have any extra time I will continue to work on Bro. Dave Short's pulpit. I got alot done on it yesterday and worked on it all the way up to 9 o'clock last night.

Continue to pray for my big kids as they are sick again. Pray God would heal them.

Have a glorious day.


March 6, 2009 8:33a.m.

A Good Morning to All

We had a wonderful service on Wednesday night as I finished up a series on Revival in the Home. When our homes are filled to overflowing with the fulness of the Spirit of God it spills over into our churches and we experience revival. I am continuing to pray that God would raise up strong families in our church here in Sanford Maine. God is doing it and for that I am very grateful.

Yesterday was a great day of studying, visiting, mentoring, and discipleship. I was able to spend some time with a young man named Alec Kindred who is praying about missionary aviation and church planting. It was a blessing to be able to fly with him and spend some time together in testimony and prayer. Please be in prayer for him that God would show him clearly what His will is for him.

Discipleship was a blessing last night as I taught to a couple on employer, employee relationships. We spend about a quarter of our time on the job and would behoove us to be our best for the LORD when we are at our job places. I continue to marvel at how God is maturing those that are involved in discipleship. It is the joy of my life to see them grow in the grace and knowledge of the LORD!!

The weather here today is a warm 34 and tomorrow it's suppose to be 49. Praise God for His blessings. I'm glad I'm saved, sealed, stablished, and satisfied in Jesus. Can somebody say Amen!!!!!

Thank you for your prayers and love for us as we minister here in this region.

Todd Bell

March 4, 2009 6:40a.m.

I had a great day on yesterday studying and preparing for Bible Institute. I'm careful to give God the Glory for what HE continues to do in training up leaders for this region. We by the good Grace of God are going to continue to make in roads with the gospel into each and every town we can. Pray much for us and with us as we reach our next towns for Christ.

I also had some good visits on yesterday. Soul winning is something that the Christian should be involved in daily. Everywhere we go we should tell someone of Jesus and His love. May the LORD help us to win more souls.

I must be off and running. I have to drive the kids today to school and I think I will stay for chapel and hear the kids sing and Bro. Wilkons preach.

Love each of you.


March 3, 2009 5:47 a.m.

A Good Day to All

I had a tremendous day on yesterday. I appreciate the LORD having mercy on me physically. I finally am beginning to feel a touch better. I spent most of the morning with my family enjoying their fellowship here at home. It was snowing hard most of the day with a storm total of over a foot of snow.

My afternoon was spent at the hanger beginning to open up the Cherokee Six for the annual inspection. After getting that done it took Benjamin and I about two hours to get all the snow cleared up off of all the driveways and sidewalks. I still need to do the church but will get to that today sometime.

Mrs. Amy and I were able to go out on a date and spend some quality time together. I'm continually thrilled that God would call our family to this town to win souls. Pray fervently for us today as we go visiting that we would be able to reach more souls and see great things accomplished for God's Glory here in this region.

I'll update you on tomorrow to let you know how this day turned out.


March 2, 2009 9:18a.m.

Good Morning to all from a very snowy Sanford Maine. The visibility is currently a quarter of mile or less with heavy snow. We already have over eight inches and are expecting up to 15 inches today. It's beautiful to behold. What a mighty God we serve.

Our day yesterday was filled with blessing. God overruled as HE always does with the sickness that I have been going through. HE was so gracious to help us preach with Power and Glory and to HIM be all praise. In the flesh I did not feel well but through the filling of the Holy Spirit I was able to communicate the scriptures. The church house was almost filled to capacity on yesterday. Pray much that God would show us whats next in regards to the Methodist church that we are praying about.

I'm looking forward to helping Don today with the annual on the Cherokee Six. Pray much for us that it would be completed in a timely manner and we would be able to fix all the squawks.

I sense this is going to be a wonderful week as every week is. Continue to pray that we can win more souls and see great things accomplished for God's Glory.


March 1, 2009 7:51 a.m.

What a great day I had on yesterday studying the precious Word of God. God spoke fresh to me from His Word and I appreciate the good Spirit of God making study so real.

The Marriage seminar was a huge success up at North Baldwin Baptist Church. What a thrill it was to get together with around 30 or more people and preach the Word of God and challenge the couples to have Godly homes. Glory!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! Amen!!!! Were already making plans for next year and looking forward to it with great anticipation.

I am continuing to have health issues with the antibiotics I'm on. Please pray that God would have mercy. I feel like Job with the boils. I break out and itch all over my body and it just about drives me crazy. God is good and HE has helped me to continue to praise HIM through it.

Love each of you.