Great day of Mentoring

The LORD JESUS CHRIST be praised for a wonderful day of ministry and the day is not over yet. I spent the morning studying. After that I took off to go and mentor Bro. Bill Schoppe on Islesboro. The LORD gave us a wonderful time of study together. Also along with me was Josh, Alec, Elisabeth and Benjamin. I am spending some extra time with Josh and Alec to train them also. We are praying God's will be done in their life in regards to the ministry. Thank you for your prayers for me. When I got to altitude today my vision was kind of blurry and I felt an oppression that I had never felt before. Shortly thereafter both engines tried to die on me at the same time. I must say, that was the first. I have no explanation other than it being one of Satan's high days and him trying to hinder. I am grateful today that "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." Hallelujah to the Lamb of God and to His shed Blood!!!!!!! We are more than conqueror's through the Lord Jesus Christ!

A Great Wednesday

I praise God for giving us a good day on Wednesday. I was able to have a good time of study in the morning. I went out and made some visits and the LORD blessed every step of the way. As you share the gospel with people in this region it is a process. I have found from being here since 1996 that it is a little slower than other places. Still yet I give God the Glory for all those that have been "Born Again". I still cannot contain myself when I think about the multitudes of people that have been saved and lives changed.
We had a missionary with us last night going to Alaska. Bro. Jason Severs brought a great message and I think God for this young man and his desire to go and plant churches in Alaska. May God give him his support in a timely manner. Thank you for your prayers for myself and the ministry that God has called us to. We will not make it without you so please continue to take our name to the throne of Grace where we all find grace and help in time of need.


Bible Institute

I praise God for a great day on Tuesday. Most of the day was spent preparing for Bible Institute. The LORD really blessed in class as we studied on ministering in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. God is doing great things through this ministry. Keep praying for those that are in Bible institute that we all will grow in the Grace of Knowledge of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ!


A Great Day in Rumford and Mexico Maine

After finishing up my woodworking chores and stacking to rows of wood I made my way up to Rumford Maine. The Lord blessed with traveling mercy. I flew the Cessna 150 today just with a map and some radials off of the kennebunk VOR. Had no problem spotting the strip. After a low fly by I landed uneventfully. I found out later that their was another strip in the town of Rumford that I could have landed at but I will wait until I have the RV 8 for it. I prayed over the town of Rumford from the air while Pastor Morrison prayed over it from the ground. Along with Pastor Morrison was a pastor from Auburn and Pastor James Wiley from Augusta. We are believing God for the souls of Rumford Maine and the surrounding communites.
I enjoyed a hour and a half visit with Bill Cunningham. I was able to share with him and I appreciate the time the LORD gave us together. How exciting it is to be able to share the gospel all over this state. It took two hours of flying today verses six hours of driving. I was able to redeem four hours to be used in other areas. Praise God for His manifold blessings.

Praise the LORD for a great day

Good Morning to all

We had a great day on yesterday at the House of God. The morning service was packed out. I preached on James 5 and the Lord blessed in a great way. The island was fogged in yesterday afternoon so I was not able to fly up. Last night I preached on missions giving in light of our fifth annual faith promise missions conference starting next week. The Lord blessed with great liberty and freedom to preach the Word of God. I praise God for more visitors out and a great service.
Today I will be flying up to pray over another town. Pray that the God of Heaven will give me boldness as I share Christ with all. Pray much for safety in all of our missions (you do think about it a little more after hitting a dear on the runway a few weeks ago).
This week I should get the prop back on the Cessna 402 and it should be back in service soon. Pray also for the Cessna 310 to sell. It would be nice to get out from some of this debt that we have been carrying.
All of you are a blessing to this preacher. Thanks for caring!!


All Glory to God

I am careful to give God all the Glory for once again providing the 6,000 dollars for the prop on the Cessna 402. It's so exciting to serve a God that is alive and doing such wonderful things. Yesterday we had seen 1,500 dollars come in when I got a call from a friend in North Carolina. He asked how much I needed. He said I will go ahead and send 5,000 dollars and I could use the rest for gas. Well, Glory to God!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless the LORD!!!!!!!
Thank you for praying for us and the gospel outreach in this area.

The video is of some rough weather flying back today from Manchester New Hampshire after I had dropped off my in laws. My wife is filming and holding on at the same time. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know!!!
Pastor Todd Bell

Greetings on this Frosty Friday

This board shows all the Colby missionaries that have been sent out. The last was to be sent was in 1926. It's interesting to look closer at the board and see how many were sent to burma. It's shows that when the school was started and in the early years their was a mission emphasis and a heart for souls. We must guard this in our lives and in our local churches. May God always help us to realize that we need to reach the lost at any cost!

Brother Jeff Faggart studying some on Baptist History at Colby College in their archive section. This was a real treat to see how the Maine Baptists got their start. The accounts we read said that Baptist was the most predominant denomination in the early 1800's. I wonder what happened. God has called us back here to see Baptist churches started all over this region! Amen and Amen!!!

Looking out toward the west to Mt. Washington on yesterdays flight to Waterville to study Baptist History. The God of Heaven gave us a great day of study.
Continue to pray that the LORD would send in the funds for the propeller for the Cessna 402. We currently have 1500 of the 6000. I sense the LORD moving and working and will update you in a few days as to progress of raising the funds. Thank you for your prayers and financial support of our ministry that God has called us to.

Wednesdays Activities

Greeting to All

I had a great day on yesterday studying some and preparing for my series that I am preaching on personal revival. We are using the book The Calvary Road by Roy Hession. It is one of the classics on personal revival. I would recommend it to anyone that is desirous of seeing God move in your life in a special way. If your not desirous of this then why? I praise the LORD for how He is moving in our church and in my personal life. All praise and Glory to HIM for what HE continues to do.

I picked up my mom and dad at the Portland airport yesterday. I'm looking forward to spending some time with them over the next few weeks.

Our service last night was wonderful. Bro. Jeff Faggart, a Baptist Historian came by our church and preached for us. It was wonderful and I praise God for how he challenged us. Today we are going to fly Waterville Maine to do some study on Baptist History. I'm looking forward to a good day together. I will have some pictures and will upload them sometime this afternoon.

Continue to pray about the propeller on the Cessna 402. It's going to cost 6,000 to repair. I have 1500 of it that has come in thus far. We are praying the rest of it comes in my next week. Thank you for your kindness.

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I Love each of you


An Encouraging day in the LORD

I had a wonderful day on yesterday. The LORD blessed as I flew up to Augusta to fellowship with some pastors and their wives. I love these men and their wives and thank God that He has called them into the ministry. Pray much that the LORD will continue to call labourers forth into His harvest here in Maine and the Northeast.

Bible institute was great last night with 11 people there wanting to learn more about the Word of God. How I praise God for what HE is continuing to do.

I covet your prayers daily for my family as we continue to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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Tuesday's Radio Broadcast

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Family Time on my Birthday

I enjoyed the whole day yesterday with my family. The waves were beautiful the lighthouses were breathtaking and fellowship great. I think God that He has given me such a wonderful family.
Last night I took at around six to go the Augusta to sing and testify at a church that supports us. I had a great time and flew back home around nine. The weather was beautiful and the airplane performed flawlessly. I praise the LORD for the wonderful day.

When I got home last night my wife had bought me two lobsters for my birthday so that was a real treat.
Have a glorious day.

Daily Radio Broadcast 10/20/08

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The LORDS day activities

I am praising the LORD this morning for all the Lord did on yesterday. Wow!!!!!! What a day. The Power of God was so real yesterday morning as we got in an old fashioned testimony meeting with crying and shouting and praying and singing. I bless the LORD for all he did at church. And then last night was tremendous at Church Hill Baptist in Augusta. Our church took around 50 people and made the trip all the way up to our state capitol to back the church planters conference. The Lord be praised that over 12,000 dollars was raised for these four missionary families that were part of the meeting. I would have to write a book to tell you what all God did. I bless His Name for His goodness and Grace. I have included a few pictures of our day. Some are looking at the islands that need the LORD. Others are of the bus ride. One of the cockpit is for my friend Dave Crispell. It may be a little blurry but the GPS says I was doing 198 Knots an hour. Just rubbing it in a little. I pray all of you have a wonderful day. Oh yeah, just a hint the preacher is getting older today. You guessed it 39!!!

Bible Distribution in Glastonbury Ct

This is the team from our church at Calvary that went and give out Bibles in Glastonbury CT. It was a wonderful day to be able to give out the seed of the Word of God! If you look closely you will find one of our tools for the ministry. This is a little go-ped (a powered scooter with a weed wacker engine on it.) It goes thirty miles an hour and helps you to cover alot of ground.

A recent mission of encouragement to help Pastor Ammons on the Border in Houlton Maine

Fall Colors

Every fall my heart melts with the display of our God's artwork. This was taken from the cockpit of a little Cessna 150 that a pastor in N.H. has let me borrow to use in the ministry.

In the cockpit of the Cessna 402 going to preach in Islesboro

Every Sunday afternoon Lord Willing I go to the Island of Islesboro to preach the Word of God. This was one of our recent trips. My daughter snapped the shot. It was a beautiful day with a wonderful service.

Good Morning to All

I pray each of you are having a wonderful day. I am so excited about our first annual Maine Church Planters Conference. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there tonight.

Pastor Todd Bell