Slow Progress

Only got to work a half day today. I did get the patch off my eye. To God be the Glory it looks like I will heal up fine. Continue to pray that my vision will not be affected. It's still blurry but the Doc. said it will be better in a few days.
Tore, Benjamin and myself finished up some of the office today. Tomorrow we plan to put some skin up on the outside. The LORD has blessed us with some wonderful weather for December. Praise God!!! I was reading in my devotionals today and came across a great text in Mark 12:11 "This was the Lord's doing...." Amen and Amen!
That is what's going on around here with people getting saved, discipled, and continuing on in the LORD'S work. This for sure is His doing. I covet your prayers for my family and I as we continue to daily serve the Lord Jesus Christ.
Yours for the Souls of Sanford;
Missionary Todd Bell

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