We are trying something new for all of you that listen daily. Go to www.wgcr.net/wwtw and click on the broadcast for that day. You should be able to listen across their website and the quality will be better. We are tweaking it to be even better then it is today. Let me know what you think.

Missionary Todd Bell


r6caruso said...


I noticed you have a Cessna 310L and I was wondering if you've thought of upgrading, downgrading or even selling your aircraft. I have a customer who may be interested so feel free to email me if you think you would consider. My email is ryan@maineaviationsales.com. God Bless

gshawkins22 said...

Great site keep up the great work for the LORD My name is Bro Gary Hawkins out of
Freedom Baptist Church were the good
pastor is J.T.Byerly. We are working with KJBB 89.1FM Watertown, South Dakota and WGHW 88.1 Fm Bolivia, NC Both stations were are of like faith of pastor Bobby Roberson pastor Clarance Sexton pastor Jack Trieber,and we are looking for some good men of GOD to help us spread the gospel around the world to a lost and dying world so please pray about being on our radio stations this is to help strengthen churches help starting churches as the Lord permits we have broadcast from 5 minutes to a hour day There is 4 ways you can help
1.Air your message on both stations for a donation of $1.50 per/min.
2.Sponsor a town that the radio could reach and support it monthly and pray for souls to be saved
3.Sponsor a preach of the past to help keep preachers of old alive in our hearts
4.A one time love offering to help buy some equipment and or up the wattage to reach many more souls.
Just think if you had no place to attend church where they believe the Book the blood and the blessed hope, wouldnt you want at least a gospel radio station to reach your area so you could hear the gospel and have the chance to be saved? Or if you were saved and could not attend church for health reasons or what ever the cause may be. Having a good Godly radio station to help grow in the Lord. You could with prayer and support help do this. These areas have no such thing, why should we start another church where there is one on every corner or a good christian station. So, please pray and help us get the gospel as far and as wide as we can.
Bro. Gary Hawkins 336-624-6406 www.kjbbfm.com and www.hawkinsfamilyministry.com
gshawkins22@msn.com KING JAMES BIBLE only