April 19th 2012 5:41 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name What a wonderful day on yesterday. I enjoyed flying and finally getting my Bi-annual flight review and my Instrument Proficiency Check. We did multiple approaches and ended up shooting two approaches on one engine. That was good practice. The airplane climbed out of MHT at 1,000 a minute on one engine. It's a great performer. After that I met with Pastor Barnes about camp. We had good fellowship. I flew home in the afternoon and got ready for our evening service. My what a service we had. Bro. Jordan did a great job with his testimony. It was very good. Bro. Tim Martell preached and he did a great job again. Bro. Stephen Perkins preached our final message and he hit it out of the park. What a joy and delight it was to have his family with us. Today I'm working around the homeplace more and going out to fellowship tonight with a family in the church. It's going to be a Glorious day! A Servant for Christ Pastor Todd Bell

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