February 16th 2015 4:22 a.m.

The Riches of His Grace.......
What a powerful day I had on yesterday.  Saturday as I was preparing for the Sunday messages my heart was stirred out of Ephesians about the Riches of His Grace.  It was a joy to preach yesterday two messages about this at Calvary Baptist Church​!  Thank the Lord for the faithful that came out to the meetings.
In the afternoon the wind was blowing around 45 miles per hour and I prayed about flying up to New Vineyard for the service.  I'm glad I obeyed the Lord.  When I took off it was bad turbulence but when I climbed through 4000 feet it was wicked smooth!  It was a beautiful flight there and back.  The service was blessed of God with 10 out.  I flew back home at 199 knots an hour and made it back in 25 minutes.  In the evening service we had a great crowd and the Lord met with us!  It was a full day of ministry.
Today I'm plowing and moving snow and going to the tournament where two of our teams are playing today.  This morning I'm up early (3:45 a.m) studying and seeking God also......  It never gets old!  BOOM!  BLESS GOD!

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