(Warning! In our modern culture of reading 140 words or less in a tweet or a funny comment on Facebook you probably won't have time to read this.  But if you decide God may speak to your heart as He did mine!)

In our readings today out of Genesis 20 the God of Heaven is speaking to me in a wonderful way.  I hope and pray that you have a plan for getting into the BIBLE!  The LORD directs us in such a wonderful way as we read the HOLY SCRIPTURES!!!  How do we know what the ALMIGHTY wants for us if we do not listen to HIM as HE speaks through the WORD!  Let's see what HE has to say........

Abimelech says in Genesis 20:9 "thou hast done deeds unto me that ought not to be done."

How many times in the course of our life have we made a statement like this.  Some days we have made this is reference to what has happened to us and other days people have made this statement in what we have done to them.  Whatever the case it's always a bad situation!  We must ask ourselves some questions.  So what is it that I have done?  What are the deeds that have troubled you?  Let's deal with it!

For Abraham it was several things that he had done.  For one we find in verse 2 that he lied.  He said that Sarah was his sister.  You can say whatever you wish but it's always wrong to lie!  God said so and that settles it.  You can sugar coat it, hide it between a phrase your saying, but a lie is a lie!  It's causes havoc in situations of life and ultimately brings us to a place where we say, "thou hast done deeds unto me that ought not to be done".

Second Abraham was not transparent.  He was hiding something when he should have just been open and honest.  If we have anything to hide theirs a reason we are hiding it.  Why are we hiding it?  Are we being deceitful?  As Christians we should have nothing to hide.  We should never be ashamed of the way were living, giving, or what were attending!  Theirs something major wrong when were talking out of both sides of our mouth!

Third and last of all Abraham did his own thing. In verse 11 he said, "because I thought".  We get in trouble all to often when we do our own thing.  Why are we doing what we think we should do.  Why not do what God wants us to do!  Why not look to see what God's Word has to say about what were going through!

My love for the Bible has steadily grown in my 25 plus years of ministry.  What a joy it is to continually see what the Bible has to say to us on a daily basis.  Are you experiencing this yourself?  I do believe it's a sad day in Christendom when people read so many extra biblical books and rarely even open the covers of the Bible!  Could this be a reason we are where we are at today as a nation and a community!  May the God of Heaven arrest our souls and cause us to fall in love all over again with the BIBLE and the GOD of the BIBLE!!!


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