August 7th 2014 6:43 a.m.

Wow!  Glory to God!  Bless the Name of the Lord!  Great things He has done!

Where do I start?  What a joy to go to church last night and be able to continue to preach through the Beattitudes!  To say the least we all went away challenged and convicted about Christ's words to us.  Ye are the salt of the earth, but if the salt have lost it's savour..........  And I preached again on losing our savour.  Oft times we grow cold and indifferent in our Christian life.  We lose our saltiness.  We are not what we use to be.  Our Bible reading and prayer ceases.  Our bold Christian witness ceases.  Our song is no more in our hearts.  What's going on ?  Were not salty no more.  We've exchanged a life of selflessness for selfishness.  It's time to seek the Lord while He may be found.  When I write these post like this I feel I'm on an island.   I sense people saying Oh here we go again another preacher ranting........   We are bombarded today by the world, flesh and the devil. It's seems to me the church as a whole is not concerned about that at all.  Well they may not be the Lord is greatly concerned.  May we receive the challenge today to be totally committed to Christ.

Many of you have prayed for our aviation ministry.  My home church Maple Grove Baptist Church in Canton N.C gave us 5000 dollars toward this project Sunday night.  The money is slowly coming in for this.  Thank you for praying.  Please continue.  We believe God!  Were excited about where the next church plant is going to be!

Let's be bold in our witness for Christ and living our the truths of the Bible!  What  joy to live for HIM!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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Jada Buck said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing !!