July 14th 2014 6:08 a.m.

Greetings in the Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

What a Saviour!  What a day!  Bless the LORD!  Glory to God!

I'm encouraged this morning as I type this out.  I enjoyed the services yesterday so much.  The Lord moved in power and great glory in all the services.  It's was amazing to sit back and watch as the Spirit of God came in like a mighty rushing wind.  Most people that say that God is not moving in the frozen chosen states of the Northeast have never spent the time waiting on the Lord for Him to move.  HE is moving and for that I bless His Holy Name!
Last night was one of those services that will stand out in our mind for quite sometime.  The Holy Ghost just settled in among us as the songs of Zion were sung and the saints testified!  Wow!  I appreciate our church being sensitive to the Holy Ghost as He moved among us!  Bless His Holy Name!!!  After church I baptized two more people.  One adult lady was saved yesterday morning and then a young lady that was saved a few weeks back was baptized also!
You can't make this stuff up!  The God of Heaven is moving and we will keep this as a banner verse for us.........
Isiah 42:8 I am the Lord:that is my name:
and my glory will I not give to another...... WE ARE CAREFUL TO GIVE HIM THE GLORY!
Their are so many more people to reach with the gospel.  Let's be faithful to reach them before it is eternally to late!!!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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