July 4th 2014 7:19 a.m.

Greetings in the Mighty Name of The Lord Jesus Christ

Galatians 5:1 (KJV)
Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

When I think of July 4th I think of the liberty and the indedpendance that we enjoy as Americans.  My heart is stirred this morning for this great text of Scripture.
What can we learn about the Spiritual Liberty that we have as Christians from this text.
1)  This is liberty that comes through Christ
**  Multitudes of people are tangled up in so many things in life.  To be straightforward their lives stink and seemingly have no direction.  Their homes are out of order, they hate their jobs, and living everyday is a chore.
**  Please be assured that Christ can make you free!  This verse teaches us that He has!  I personally have experienced this freedom that comes from not only knowing Christ as my personal Saviour but serving Him with all my heart!  Their is no greater joy then to be totally committed to His work here in this great state of Maine and to see so many churhes established!  Glory to God!
**  Have you experienced this liberty through Christ?  If not why not?

2)  This is liberty that we need to Stand Fast in

  • to stand firm

  • to persevere, to persist

  • to keep one's standing

    **  So many people are wishy washy about their faith.  They are in one day and out the other.  They are in one Sunday and then you cant find them for serveral Sundays.  They are happy one minute and then angry the next.  They want to serve God one day the next they don't care.
    **  All of us that are God's Children are to stand firm and perservere in the liberty that we have in Christ!  How bout we do just that.  Quit being so weak and lets get at it as Christians!

    3)  This is Liberty that we have not always enjoyed

    **  The word therefore is there for us to understand that something has happened in the past.
    **  That something that has happened in the past is their previous experience.  These people were under the heavy yoke of another religion that brought them into bondage. They needed to be reminded to not go back to such an awful life.
    **  Maybe their is someone reading this post today that is not enjoying the Liberty that you can have in Christ because of the bondage of religious exercise!  Be delivered today through Christ.  Let Him set you free!  Come to a place where you can shout the victory through HIM!  Whoopee!!!

    4)  This Liberty is something you can lose

    **  He says and be not entangled again.  I have watched people that have been set free in Christ go back to the old lifestyle that they were delivered out of.  I have even seen many in church live in the bondage of performance based acceptance.  That is such a life of bondage.

    **  We should do what we do because of who we are in Christ not because someone is forcing us to do it.  We all should practice what this verse says so we can enjoy the freedom that we have in Christ.

    **  Dear God in Heaven grant this to be true in all of our lives as believers and Lord those that do not know you as Saviour may they be saved before it is eternally to late!!!

    Conclusion:  If you have any questions or would like for my wife and I to visit you to discuss further the great truths that are to be found in Christ please contact me @ tbell@metrocast.net

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