A Great Day in Rumford and Mexico Maine

After finishing up my woodworking chores and stacking to rows of wood I made my way up to Rumford Maine. The Lord blessed with traveling mercy. I flew the Cessna 150 today just with a map and some radials off of the kennebunk VOR. Had no problem spotting the strip. After a low fly by I landed uneventfully. I found out later that their was another strip in the town of Rumford that I could have landed at but I will wait until I have the RV 8 for it. I prayed over the town of Rumford from the air while Pastor Morrison prayed over it from the ground. Along with Pastor Morrison was a pastor from Auburn and Pastor James Wiley from Augusta. We are believing God for the souls of Rumford Maine and the surrounding communites.
I enjoyed a hour and a half visit with Bill Cunningham. I was able to share with him and I appreciate the time the LORD gave us together. How exciting it is to be able to share the gospel all over this state. It took two hours of flying today verses six hours of driving. I was able to redeem four hours to be used in other areas. Praise God for His manifold blessings.

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