Praise the LORD for a great day

Good Morning to all

We had a great day on yesterday at the House of God. The morning service was packed out. I preached on James 5 and the Lord blessed in a great way. The island was fogged in yesterday afternoon so I was not able to fly up. Last night I preached on missions giving in light of our fifth annual faith promise missions conference starting next week. The Lord blessed with great liberty and freedom to preach the Word of God. I praise God for more visitors out and a great service.
Today I will be flying up to pray over another town. Pray that the God of Heaven will give me boldness as I share Christ with all. Pray much for safety in all of our missions (you do think about it a little more after hitting a dear on the runway a few weeks ago).
This week I should get the prop back on the Cessna 402 and it should be back in service soon. Pray also for the Cessna 310 to sell. It would be nice to get out from some of this debt that we have been carrying.
All of you are a blessing to this preacher. Thanks for caring!!


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