All Glory to God

I am careful to give God all the Glory for once again providing the 6,000 dollars for the prop on the Cessna 402. It's so exciting to serve a God that is alive and doing such wonderful things. Yesterday we had seen 1,500 dollars come in when I got a call from a friend in North Carolina. He asked how much I needed. He said I will go ahead and send 5,000 dollars and I could use the rest for gas. Well, Glory to God!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless the LORD!!!!!!!
Thank you for praying for us and the gospel outreach in this area.

The video is of some rough weather flying back today from Manchester New Hampshire after I had dropped off my in laws. My wife is filming and holding on at the same time. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know!!!
Pastor Todd Bell

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