Thursday Febuary 5th, 2009 7:06 a.m.

Good Morning to each of you. It's currently -14 outside but absolutely beautiful as I look out the window at God's wonderful creation. I lift up my hands in praise to Him this morning for His goodness and grace.

The last several days have been jam packed with activities. The first part of this week has been spent at a revival meeting at Standish Baptist Church. The Lord indeed blessed at these meetings. I am so grateful that God has blessed us with such a wonderful church. We took 32 people with us on Monday night to the meeting. How encouraging that is to me as the preacher to see the excitement of those that went.

Last night the Lord granted unto us a sweet time at the House of God. How thrilling it is to preach the Word of God and see the hunger in His people to learn and grow. I praise the Lord for what He continues to do.

Today along with studying, visiting, and discipleship I plan to install the drawers on a set of cabinets I have made over the last several months. I give God all the glory for the wisdom that He has given me to work with my hands. What a great God we serve that gives us gifts to use for Him.

Pray much for me tonight as I meet with the trustees from the Methodist church in town to discuss options that may be available for our purchase of their campus. We are so thrilled to see what God is going to do. We have a vision to build a church here that has 500 people in it that are sold out and serving God to the fullest. It remains to be seen what God can do with a group of people like that. I must say I want to be one of those individuals.

"Brethren pray for us"

Pastor Todd Bell

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