January 25th 2014 5:29 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

Wow Wow Wow!  What a Saviour!  Glory to God!  Bless the Lord!  Whoopee!

My day started out yesterday with studying and then to chapel.  The Lord moved into our chapel time with a soul getting Born Again!  I love the chapel time.  Bless the Lord!

After that I went soul winning in Walmart.  Well I was suppose to buy some groceries but I ended up talking to a lot of people.  How exciting.

In the afternoon I got called out to a hospice patient and was able to confirm that they are ready to go to heaven!  What a joy to minister to the family.

Then I made my way to Portland where I shook hands on a  14,950 dollar piano.  I have been looking for a piano for a church for a long time!  Now we begin the process of raising the funds for it.  It will happen.  I trust the Lord and my people!  What an exciting thing!  By the way it's a Yamaha C7.  That means it 7 foot 6 grand piano!!!!!!  Can you tell I'm pumped!!!

In the evening I rested.

Today I'm off to Preach in NC.  Please pray for traveling mercies and power and anointing on my life!  The God of Heaven knows we need it.  My wife and I both will be speaking!  Somebody say Glory!

I will update along the way!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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