Today is the day that I say goodbye to this wonderful bird!
Greetings in Jesus Name

I praise the Lord for all that He did in my life on yesterday.  It was a tremendous day of ministry. I love the Bible and especially Bible class with the kids.  I've been teaching all week on Deciding questionable things and in particular dress standards.  It's been good.  You should have been there you would have loved it.

Last night was a great blessing.  The Lord Jesus Christ is doing a wonderful work among us as we preach about doing His work of discipleship.  Bless the Lord!

Today is a bitter sweet day for our ministry.  This is the day that N5583J gets delivered to Bible Truth Music to be used of God to fly Byron Foxx around to preach and have his choir conferences.  I have been blessed to have used this plane for many years now for God's glory.  This plane has been a priceless possession to help in the redeeming of time across this region.  I have used this plane to help plant two other churches and encourage countless other pastors.  Also it has taken me to preach multiple meetings across the country.  I thank God for the good memories that I have.
1979 Piper Turbo Lance

Our next plane that we will be using is a 1979 Piper Turbo Lance.  This will be the newest plane we have ever owned.  Right now we have it on a handshake but soon I will purchase it for 45000.  Pray with me that God would do something supernatural as we see it brought out of hibernation.  It's been sitting in a hanger for over 28 years and only has 895 total hours on it.  It's going to be a blessing to use this plane.  It's newer more comfortable and faster among other things.  What a joy!!

Also today I will work some on my study and discipleship.  How encouraging is this!!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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