June 6th 2011 5:09 a.m.

Greetings in the Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Wow we!!!! Wow we!!! What a wonderful day we had on yesterday. God is soooooo good. It was a powerful meeting for which I praise the LORD! A lady that we had talked to about the Lord came forward yesterday morning and made public her profession. I'm glad she got it settled! Well Glory. We were packed out both services. The program last night was a huge success. Glory to God for how the Lord has blessed and moved. Elisabeth finally graduated last night. She did a good job with her speech and her song. It's just wonderful to see the kids growing up and maturing. Bless the Lord oh my soul!

I had someone come up to me last night and offer to let us use 100,000 dollars as long as we want with no interest. That's kind of exciting!!! Our church has been praying for that amount exactly. Now we will see what other door the Lord will open up for us. Please pray that the God of Heaven would do something supernaturally this week to guide us and show himself mighty.

Today is catch up day. I have a lot of work around the house and cottage to do. Please pray for me that I can get it all done. Also pray for a special meeting that a church board is having tonight in Jackman. We are trying to secure the facilities of the congregational church in Jackman Moose River to hold for services. I may know something tonight.

It's exciting to see all that God is doing in our midst. I stand in awe of Him!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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