Moving stuff to get chapel ready

Greetings in Jesus Name

Now how do you like that picture. This was taken the other day when we were getting the chapel ready (garage that is 14 x 26)to have services in it.

Starting churches is a faith venture. We step out in faith trusting God to put the things together so that a church can be planted for His glory and honor. Their are alot of variables that have to come together that only God can bring together. HE is working in Jackman to accomplish His will.

On the home front here in Sanford He is working also. Their is no doubt in my mind that the Spirit of God is dealing with people about their souls. God is looking for a group of people that will believe Him!

Pray for me today as I go to Jackman and have our first church service.

Pray for me today as I study and prepare for our meetings here in Sanford tomorrow.

Pray for a supernatural miracle to take place that will sell all of our buildings so we can press forward to our new campus. Only God Can!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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