January 18th 2012

Greetings in the Strong and Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Heb 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

Today for our blog entry let's do a simple exegesis of this precious passage of Scripture.

In a day when so many people think Wednesday night services are not important let's see what the Bible has to say.

1) Don't forsake the assembling of ourselves together

I hear someone immediately saying, "well I come on Sunday morning and isn't that enough?" First of all if your saying that, you are revealing your heart toward the work of God. If you call yourself a Christian and have that attitude theirs majors problems with your heart. A Christian simply is a follower of Christ. As Christians we obey the Word of God. When it says not to forsake to assemble we say that's right! I'm going to prepare even early and find myself and my family in the House of God on Wednesday night. The blessings of God are upon those who live obedient lives. I have seen this all through out my ministry. You can separate families in the church in two categories. Those that believe God and live accordingly and those that don't and the outcome is clear. We can see this in the History of the Children of Israel when those that believed God entered into rest and the others died. May God help us to realize the importance and simply doing what the Word of God says! Don't forsake to assemble!

2) As the Manner of some is

Some in that day because of different things that was going on forsook gathering together. Maybe it was fear of persecution, out right disobedience or other things but it had become a habit for them not to assemble together.

The same is true today. It's has become the habit in most of our churches for Wednesday night services to be a take it or leave it service. Let me ask you a question! Is the Word of God only important on Sunday mornings and evenings? Do we not think that gathering together to hear the Bible preached on Wednesdays is a good thing? Oh I know what you saying, my kid has homework. I would rather my kid have zero's and be in the House of God on Wednesdays then not to come because of that. Anyway we don't give homework on Wednesdays at our school because we believe the local church is God's plan for our day and we ought to make it a priority. While I'm on this subject of excuses what about lying? The scriptures tell us to lie not one to another. Now why would God say this? He is saying this because it happens all the time. I marvel at people that don't feel good but all of a sudden after Wednesday night's or even Sunday night's feel good enough to go shopping. My goodness do we have a problem!!!! It's the heart! Our hearts have grown cold on the Lord and we don't even care whether we go to hear the Bible or not on a given night. May God have mercy on our souls and send revival and restoration.

3) But exhorting one another

This happens when we gather together. It's a great encouragement to find the church house full at all the services. I have been burdened about this for quite a while. I have watched things in my ministry go up and down. Every church I have ever been in that's been the case. Four or five months ago we were breaking records at our church on Wednesday nights. It was full and running over! Slowly things begin to happen. People make excuses! I don't feel good, I'm tired, I don't want to get out, it's not worth it....... What does this do. I can tell you if your not there you can't exhort. We need to assemble ourselves together and exhort one another. By the way while I'm talking about this it's not a sin to tell your preacher that you enjoyed the Word of God as it was shared in the message. Many people read this blog. Many churches are represented. It would be a great blessing tonight if after the message you went up and told your preacher, Amen I enjoyed the message tonight. Why don't we do that? God help us today. Keep each other exhorted but especially the preacher!

4) So much the more as you see the day approaching

The early church met often and most of the time daily. We see the approaching day of the Lord. Let's obey the Word of God and meet so much the more. What happened to our two week scheduled meetings? We have to beg people to come out for a two day meeting. Were in a mess! We need God to shake us to the core in revival so we can get back to where we use to be. I'm here to tell you today your kids see through your hypocrisy. Staying at home for some lame excuse. It's time to get right with God and do right. Not some emotional decision either. I have watched the new years resolution come and go. For some it lasted a service and a half. Wow! Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is worthy of us giving our all. Lets be faithful to the organism that He gave His life for THE CHURCH!

It's always right to do right. So right now make plans to be where God wants you to be tonight. Get the clothes ready. Get supper ready. Have the car clean and gassed up. Get your Bible's out. Have a prayer meeting and ask God to send the old time power on the meeting tonight. God will bless you and speak to you from the pages of His word. May the God of Heaven give us a supernatural meeting tonight!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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