June 22nd 2014 6 a.m.

May the God of Heaven do a work in our hearts today in light of this the Lords day.  This day in our society has been hijacked not only by those who do not know Christ but also those who claim to know Christ.  Isn't it amazing what people prioritize on Sunday!  This is the Lord's day!  Let's keep it that.  Find yourself in the House of God today and hear a Bible message from the Word of God.  Grab the hymn book off the rack and lift your voice to the one who is all together lovely!  Come with a clean heart and an expectation the HE will move in power and glory!  Lets all experience a touch of God and revival in our midst!  How bout it????  Oh yeah Sunday is the Lord's day all day so let's find ourselves faithful in the morning and evening!  Enough said!  May the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords have preeminence in the services today that we attend.  May souls be saved and the saints of God encouraged.  May be walk away with renewed vigor to win our neighbors and our co-workers to Christ.  We should know and understand by now that Satan is a liar and he has sold us a bill of goods.  He says, "well it really won't hurt to miss church a little".  We miss and then we start a trend that sometimes ends in a statistic.  May the God of Heaven wake us up to this realization.  Get to the House of God today and go all day.  God will speak out of the Bible!  Hope to see you soon at Calvary Baptist Church of Sanford!  Can't wait to see what God is going to do!  Whoopee!  Glory to God!  Bless the Lord!  Hallelujah!!!

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