May 17th 2011 5:34 a.m

Greetings in the Strong Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

I was busy yesterday in my study in the morning. Then I went and got the wood to start my new pulpit. It is some of the most beautiful wood I have ever seen. Utile is the type of wood that I chose to construct it out of. It's an African wood that will go well with our missions theme of our church. I worked the rest of the day to get the pieces milled out and put together training Kyle all along the way.

In the evening I took my dad out for his birthday meal. We had a good time as a family.

This morning I'm studying. I plan also to work on the pulpit some more. Hopefully today I will find time to go out and practice some IFR flying in the soup. We have great conditions for it as it has been raining for days and is suppose to continue to the end of the week.

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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