December 29th 2011

Greetings in Jesus Name

What a wonderful day on yesterday of work. I was busy at the church all day refurbishing the nursery. Mrs. Amy and I repainted everything. Now it has a fresh coat and feels real clean. It's getting new carpet before Sunday. It was time as everything was getting wore out.

Last night I had four young preachers preach. What a blessing to see them growing in the Lord. It was a tremendous service. The two special songs were out of the park and my boys offratory on the piano was amazing. He ripped the keys off. Wow!

Today I'm studying this morning and then putting my dads trusses up on his garage. It should be fun with tempatures in the 20's and the wind blowing ferociously. I love to work!

Tonight we invited a family over to eat with us that doesn't go to church anywhere. It's going to be a exciting to minister to them. Somebody like this will be in my house once a week this year. This is what it's all about ministering to people. It's better than watching the stinking t.v. can somebody say Amen!

Thank you for praying for me. I covet your prayers.

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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Matthew Jones said...

Can I get a witness!!!