September 16th 2009

This is just a small sample of what happened on yesterday!!
Greetings in Jesus Name

Twenty years ago today my wife and I were married. What a joy it has been down through the years to serve the Lord together. We were married one month when we both surrendered our life to full time Christian service. Well Glory!!!!!!!

Hold on tight because now I am going to tell you where I went on yesterday. I started at around 9 in Sanford Maine. First we (Pastor Wilkins and I)flew to Hartford, then to Teterboro N.J. That took a while because the traffic was horrendous. I had to hold over the Alpine tower for four laps then they rushed me in. Once getting in I had no place to park. There must have been 50 jet aircraft on one ramp. It was truly an unbelievable experience just getting in and out of there. After there I flew to Philadelphia and the controller gave us unparalleled access to the city at 1500 feet. After circling there for three turns I flew to Old Bridge N.J, and then requested the VFR corrider up the Hudson. The controller once again granted that. Get these coordinates, fly direct to the Statue of Liberty then up the Hudson hugging the west side of the Hudson because of a TFR. My videograper and cameraman was about to have a fit with the pictures they were getting. I then flew to White Plains, Bridgeport CT, Groton CT, Providence, R.I, and landed at New Bedford Ma for fuel for plane and me. After a brief break I flew up to Boston and once again got access to the city at 1500 feet for two laps around the city. Then I flew to Worchester down to Hartford for two laps around the city and then off to Robertson airport. I dropped off the camara guys and flew home to Sanford Maine and was eating supper with my family at 6:05 p.m. Woooooooooooo Weeeeeeeeeee Now thats a day of flying. Sorry for how wordy it is but it's hard to describe what all happened.

Did not my heart burn when I saw the multitudes that are perishing in sin. Oh that God would raise up more labourers for the harvest fields of America.

I'm excited about the possibilities of today. We will be readying ourself to head south for a mission conference I will be preaching starting Sunday. It's going to be fun to have the family with me on this trip. Pray we are a blessing to the church we are in. Also pray that the power of God will be our portion tonight at the House of God where we will worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

God Bless each of you.

Pastor Bell


Lydia MItchell said...

Happy Anniversary, Pastor Bell and Mrs. Amy! Angela and James still remember you and pray for you all the time!
I enjoy reading your blog each day and keeping up with everything going on there. Praying for you!
Thank you for everything you did for me and my family in the past years.
~Lydia Mitchell

Todd Bell said...

Thank you Lydia. Your a blessing. And your welcome for everything.