Septmenber 8th 2009

Greetings in that Matchless Name of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ

I praise the Lord for His goodness and grace in my life. Isn't it wonderful to be in the center of His will and be busy for Him? My my the joy of sins forgiven and being on our way to heaven!!! Glory!!!

My day was blessed on yesterday as I worked at the airport in the morning. I got alot done. I thank God for Dad and Dave (sounds like a good team) that helped me and of course Bro. Don who has worked tirelessly over the last year on all the planes. Lord willing today we will have the ferry permit for the 402 and take it down Ohio soon to get the wing spar fixed.

Benjamin, Amy and myself flew down to Mansfield Ma for the PGA golf tournament. That was a blessing and kind of neat to see all the pros play golf.

We flew home and 22 of us headed off for Manchester to hear Dr. Gray preach. It was wonderful to be in a church full of people and hear some good preaching. I praise the Lord for the good time we had.

Pray for me today as I study and work around the house. Also I will be preaching this afternoon in Lisbon falls at Pastor Garnette's. Pray for me that I will have power and the anointing of the Holy Ghost as I preach the Word of God.

Keep keeping on for Jesus


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Judy said...

Yes it is great to be in the will of the Lord. We love being here and serving Him here. Glory to God. Each day is a Blessing from Him. Have a wonderful day and Preach Preach this pm. You are always in our prayers