September 18th 2009

Greetings in Jesus Name

Thank you for all who prayed for our travels on yesterday. The Lord granted us traveling mercies all the way here to Western Carolina. We enjoyed our first evening visiting with Mrs. Amy's family. What a blessing it is to have a Godly heritage here in the mountains.

But, for me that's not enough. I must go and tell others the old old story of His love. I must get the gospel out before it is everlasting to late. Though I will enjoy my visit here I must come back to Maine and tell others. What a call the Lord has given us and I am so grateful for it.

Mrs. Amy and I are staying in a camper out in the driveway of her mom and dads. It's a real blessing. Maybe I will get you all a picture of it soon.

I pray each of you have a great day in the Lord.

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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