September 17th 2009

Greetings in the Marvelous Name of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ

To Him be all glory and praise!!!! He alone is worthy!!!! I bless His Name today for all He continues to do in and through the ministry of this local church in Sanford Maine.

My day was blessed on yesterday. I enjoyed being with my wife of 20 years as we went soul winning and on a date. What a joy it was to sow some more seed of the Word of God and try to see some more people saved. As I said last night at church we got into a hornets nest with one stop but God knows and that individual may be the next one saved.

Church last night was a huge blessing. The specials were wonderful, the preaching was encouraging and the fellowship was infectious. Glory to God for all He did.

Today we are preparing to fly down south for a few days (It's 5:30a.m. as I type this out and we are preparing to go to Boston). Pray for us that God would grant His favour on our family as we sing and I preach. Mrs. Amy is also speaking on Saturday so pray for her that God would encourage and help her to share the Word of God.

I love all of you


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