June 17th 2010 5:10 a.m.

Greeting in the Mighty and Strong Name of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ

I had a verrrrrrry busy day yesterday starting out early in the morning in Augusta meeting with the state fire marshal. That meeting went well. I came back to other meetings local. I worked some at the work site to. The Lord is blessing and alot of things are happening for which I am very grateful.

Today will be much of the same. I plan to spend all day there working hard on several projects. Pray for the touch of God on our lives.

Please continue to pray for the aviation ministry. Even though I am in some what of a parenthesis in this ministry I still need to raise around 10,000 for different maintenance issues on the planes. God has never failed me and I don't expect Him to start now. I trust him totally! Therefore I am praying and asking you to pray that all will work out for His Glory.

Also pray for our school. This is a huge undertaking and we don't even have the teachers book yet. This is a 5,000 dollar proposition for all grades. It also will come in but it just weighs heavy on my dear wife. I assured our family last night in our devotions that our God is faithful! It will be exciting to see how it all comes together!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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