December 21st 2010 8:49 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

We are now in our winter break from the school (big sighhhhhh). Praise the Lord for the first semester and the success of it. God is good.

Our chapel yesterday went wonderful. The Holy Ghost moved in power as the Word of God was preached. After that I went to get the auto pilot worked on in Portland. Then my boy and I and Pastor Dan went and did something fun SKI! It was a blessing to get out in the fresh air and spend time with them and Pastor Ness. I spent most of my time with Ben and Pastor Ness. We got to get Pastor Dan some more time to catch on but he did good for only the second time.

What a powerful day of ministry it was.

Today I will begin to move the hanger. Also I am studying and seeking the face of God for our upcoming services this week. Tonight we go Christmas caroling. How exciting to serve King JESUS!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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