April 15th 2014 7:18 a.m

Greetings in the Powerful Name of The Lord Jesus Christ

What a wonderful day on yesterday!  The God Of Heaven granted traveling mercies down to TN.   The church here is so kind to just absolutely spoil you!  I so much appreciate the kindnesses that have been showed me since being here at Temple Baptist and Baptist Friends 2014!!  The service last night was attended with great power and liberty and annointing!  The Lord helped us all through the meeting!  It was such a blessing to meet so many people and talk about using aviation as a tool to reach the lost. I enjoyed speaking with Mark Siegwart with Ace mission aviators and team Peru from First Baptist. Pastor Wilkerson from First Baptist in Hammond was also kind and were praying toward a possoble meeting so we can do more with aviation together!  I called it a night around 11:30 not bad after getting up at 4. I love the work of the ministry!!!!

Today I already have been seeking God. Then the Holy Scriptures. After that we have preaching most of the day!!  We'll Glory to God!!!  I love all of you!!!  Keep praying and believing for more souls and more churches!!!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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