May 17th 2014 6:24 a.m.

Greetings in the Jesus Name

I'm thrilled to think about what God is going to do this week in our revival.  I'm begging the God of Heaven to do a work in me and my family.  I'm asking Him to send Holy Ghost Heart stirring revival in our midst.  May each of us make it a priority to have our family in church waiting to see what our Great God is going to do!
Today I rejoice with studying the scriptures and seeking the Lord!  This is our habit!  This is what works!  This is what pleases God!  We should make it a priority everyday to do this.  Set aside time to seek the face of God and see what the Scriptures have to say.  My wonderful Lord has already spoke to me this morning and I'm confident He will continue throughout the day!
Tonight we have our spring formal.  I'm excited for the kids.  I'm glad we can have such a wonderful even for our church and school.  I have a special preacher for tonight.  Every time we get together the Bible should be there!  The scriptures will be there tonight and we will enjoy time in the Bible!
Also today I'm thrilled to be ministering to people.  The ministry is people therefore love people, talk to people, pray with people, get around people!!  Is their anyone out there today reading this that will say AMEN!
I love each of you and I am praying for you.  Let's win the world to Christ!  Come on lets do it!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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