November 16th 2009 5:51 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

We had wonderful services on yesterday. The Lord manifest His presence in our services in a real way. I give Him the Glory for the Great Liberty and freedom to be able to communicate the Word of God. In the morning we were packed out. In the evening we were down a bit in number but not in spirit. Praise the Lord for what He is doing in our midst. Some of the visitors that were there in the morning I invited weeks ago. I'm glad the Word of God doesn't return void when you share it with people.

I have a busy day planned around the farm. I also will be visiting some. I might even fly over to Manchester and talk to the VP of Wiggens airways. I'm trying to get some missionaries a ride up to Greenland in January. I believe the Lord is going to do this for them. Pray for open doors as I go and talk to him today.

It's wonderful to be saved and to sense that God is moving in a great way. In the midst of this we have seen satan fighting. Everytime we are ready to progress to another level in our church this happens. I believe were in for something real big and I can't wait. Actually I am going to shout now in faith knowing that God is all powerful and is going to work out all the details of our future as a local church. Glory to God!!!!!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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