November 1st 2009 5:57 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

I hope you remembered to turn your clock back! You will be late for Sunday School!

What a glorious day on yesterday. I spent the bulk of the day in my study. I love the Word of God and I am so grateful to be able to study it so I can feed my people at the Calvary Baptist Church of Sanford Maine.

Last night was a great blessing with alot of people out for our annual Harvest night. We had hot dogs and all the trimmings. I also preached out of John 4:35 and the Lord blessed as we had our meeting in the open air. After that the kids waited patiently while the adults went and opened there trunk to give out candy to all the kids. What a wonderful evening!!!

Glory to God for this day! I'm looking forward to preaching the Word of God. Tonight we will have Bro. Jeff Faggart with us. He is one of our new missionaries with the Baptist Historical Preservation society.

Did I forget to tell you about tomorrow! Preachers from all over New England will come to our church for an old fashioned rally service and fellowship!!! What a time were going to have!!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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