November 17th 2009 5:57 a.m.

Greetings in the Name of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ

What a mighty God we serve. Bless His Holy Name on this terrific Tuesday. It's so wonderful to be saved and serving the Lord. What a joy it is to know that your in the center of God's will!! This doesn't mean that you are without trials it just means your doing what God called you to do!!

I was in my study in the morning yesterday. Then dad and I fixed the tractor. Really he fixed it while I talked on the phone and counseled. In the afternoon I became a lumberjack. Me and dick the digger cut down a bunch of trees. The excavator is a great stiff arm. You don't have to worry about which way the trees are going to fall.

Then Abigail and myself went visiting for a while and had a wonderful time together. My friend Shawn helped me to move Mr. Reed's dump truck to. It was dark then and we called it a night. A very profitable day.

This morning I'm studying and preparing for Bible Institute tonight. Also today I will be getting water put in for dad's lot. Me and him will be cutting trees etc.... on his lot. Bro. Dave and I are going to start having a staff meeting every Tuesday so I 'm looking forward to that. Tonight Bible Institute. What a joy to train men and woman in the Word of God!! Another busy day planned for Jesus.

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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