November 23rd 2009

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ

Yesterday was an unusual day in the life of our local church. The Lord put a strangle hold on most of us. It was a wake up call to the seriousness of serving Him. I appreciate how HE helped me to preach the Word of God. The filling of the Holy Ghost was such an encourgement. I do bless His Holy Name for all that was accomplished.

I'm excited about this thanksgiving week. But then again everyday is a thanksgiving day for a true Christian.

I'm working around the farm all day today. Pray hard for me this morning as I had one of the tracks come off of "Dick the Digger." I ask for some help from some of the men in church. I believe the Lord is going to help us get it back on.

I'm hoping to get the gospel out to many this week. Please ask the Lord to help us as we make the decision about a building.

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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