A Marvelous Monday

I enjoyed Monday all day long. I was able to share the gospel with several people throughout the day. It's always wonderful to be able to experience the filling of the Holy Ghost as you boldly proclaim the Word of God.
Also on yesterday I worked of some cabinets in my woodworking shop. The LORD has been gracious to me in allowing me the opportunity to be able to work with my hands. It's such a joy to put things together and see them work. I praise the LORD for His goodness in this area.
Last night was spent fellowshipping with a couple of our friends. Thank you for your care and concern for our ministry and family.
Don't forget the Born Again Christian lives with an Attitude of Gratitude every day of their life.


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Bonnieupnorth said...

Todd...if you have questions about the church in the arctic you might want to check out www.oneagleswings.org They also have a great set of Advent meditations.