Thursday 11/20/08

I don't know how you could be any more blessed than I am. I am so grateful to God for how HE continues to move and work in our lives. I'm careful to give HIM all the Glory for what HE has done and is doing, and is going to do in the days to come. I Had a good time taking the kids to Christian school this morning. After that spent some time in the office and then flew down to meet with a Pastor friend of mine in Manchester N.H. The LORD wants each of us to be like Himself and like Barnabas of old, a son of consolation. That's exactly what I got to be today and in turn got encouraged myself. After that I flew down the road just a little bit to Nashua and had my Bi-annual flight review with Pastor Joe Johnsick. I so much appreciate him investing time in me to train me and keep my flying skills in such a way to Honor and Glorify the KING! After passing the flight review I flew back to Sanford to help get ready for the ladies meeting tonight here at the house. It looks like over 20 ladies are out for the meeting. I know my wife will be a real blessing as she teaches the Word of God. Missionary Momney is here in our apartment tonight to. Our church took him on for support last night for $150 dollars a month. The LORD be praised for another missionary that we are able to support. The picture is myself and Pastor Joe after the flight review. I pray you are enjoying keeping up with what God is doing here in this region and praying much for us. I do covet your faithful and fervent prayers on our behalf.


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Judy said...

Glad you passed the flight revies. You are a great pilot and it is exciting to read the blog each day and see what God is doing there. Love, Mom