Monday 11/10/08

I thank God for a good day on Monday. I flew with Josh for an hour in the Cessna 150. Also I studied and prepared to teach two classes at Standish Christian Academy. The LORD blessed in a glorious way as I shared the Word of God with the kids. I am grateful for the oppurtunity to preach and teach the Word of God in this area. It thrills me all the way to my soul to see what God is doing in this region. It's my hearts desire to see so many more people saved and churches started all over the Northeast and Cananda. Last night I took 19 veterans out for a special meal to honor them for their service to our country. Praise the LORD for a wonderful day. Don't forget to click on our title for a daily audio devotion. This week I am preaching on being stirred up. Their will be more pictures to follow.


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