Saturday Activities

I praise the LORD for the good day that HE granted unto me on today. I was able to fly with my friend Bob Hart to St. Johns, New Brunswick, then to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and then back to Bangor, Maine and Pittsfield Maine. We delivered Evangelist Gerald Fieldier to Yarmouth for a week of meetings. I appreciate the watchcare of the LORD. Every approach was down to minimums with Yarmouth one quarter mile visibility and a runway visual range of 1200 feet. It was thick but the LORD helped us to see the lights at Minimum Descent Altitute. I'm excited about tommorow as I preach in New Hampshire at a Missions Conference. I will update you on it soon. Don't forget to click on our title for our daily audio blog. Thanks so much for your prayers and support.

Bro. Gerald Fieldier relaxing as we are taken him across the atlantic to Yarmouth Nova Scotia.

A beautiful site to behold!!!! We were at 6,000 feet over the atlantic about 20 miles south of St. Johns New Brunswick!!

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