Wednesday 11/19/08

Had a good time of study and exercise this morning and then went down to Chester CT. It was about a two hour flight in the Cessna 150. The RV 8 that I went and looked at was exciting. Mr. Cook has done a wonderful job in the work thus far. Pray with me about God's will in regards to the 18,500 dollars to purchase it. I will use this plane for our encouragement and mentoring ministry around New England. All four hours of flying today was in moderate turbulence in the little plane. To say the least my head is still swimming. It wasn't fun but it did redeem four or more hours vrs. driving. Tonight's service was a great blessing. We took on another missionary tonight. Bro. Momney is going to Israel. It was a great time together with the saints. I enjoyed his message and then I spent some time talking about faith promise and what it means to give. The Lord be praised for a great day!!! Who will go to "Woostah" Massachusetts with the gospel? Say a prayer and ask God to send forth labourers into His harvest as you look at the picture.


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