A Wonderful Lord's Day

Sunday was a wonderful Lord's Day. I so much appreciate the goodness of our God in blessing in every respect. I had a great time teaching and preaching the Word of God four times. I thank the LORD for enabling me with the Power of the Holy Ghost to be able to have the strength to continue on.
The island service was great yesterday. I sense the LORD JESUS CHRIST moving in a special way on the island. I know as the LORD helps us all to be faithful and especially their preacher, Bro. Bill great things are in the future. My landing approach yesterday was among the top three of all time. It was verrrrrrrrry rough but the LORD was gracious in helping us make it down safely.
Last night was an unusual service. About 10 minutes into the service about 15 people walked in. They had experienced a tragic accident with their father. The accident happened on Saturday when a space heater caught their father on fire. He come in the house and the daughter in law put the fire out but it was too late. I spent some time in the service ministering to these people and praying over them asking God to comfort and help. I'm sure glad the LORD has put us in this town to reach people with the Gospel. It never ceases to amaze me how many hurting people their are to minister to. May the LORD help us to be faithful.
I have a special burden for a pastor friend of mine. Would you pray with me about this. I love each of you and thank God for what HE is doing in and through our lives.


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