A Terrific Tuesday

The Lord Jesus Christ blessed me with a wonderful day on yesterday. As you can tell I was very busy with different activities. I was able to fly with Josh for an hour and also fit in nine holes of golf with one of the missionaries. What an exciting time the LORD has given us this week. Don't forget to get an audio devotion and update by clicking on the title of the update. Thank you for your prayers and love for my family as we continue to make a difference in this region.

Pastor Bell reminding the people of Calvary Baptist Church that no matter who wins the election that God is on the throne and HE is worthy of praise!!!!!!

Friends from town that I took to Beverly Massachusetts for lunch. Had a great flight and a good time of fellowship.

Final approach landing on Runway 27 in Beverly Mass.

Towns on the seacoast of Massachusetts and New Hampshire that need the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!

Welcome to Maine. This is the bridge that crosses the river from New Hampshire to Maine. The first town that you see there is Kittery. When you study Baptist History you learn that Hezekiah Smith preached the gospel there many hundred years ago. May God continue to send forth labourers to this state and region with the glorious gospel of Christ. Pray for me as I continue to start churches all over this region and spread the Good News that Jesus Saves!! Amen and Amen!!

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