Praise God for His Blessing

I so much appreciate the LORD JESUS CHRIST helping us these last two days. I have had such a great time in the LORDS work. It is such a blessing to be able to teach the truths of the Word of God to hungry souls. On Friday I spent most of the day with my oldest kids flying up to Fryeburg Maine looking at a horse. After that we went to Gorham Maine to look at another horse. Praise God Elisabeth found her a horse. It is a beautiful dapple gray quarter horse. Also on Friday I had a great discipleship lesson with a family in our church. The Lord blessed as I taught them for over two hours.
Today I studied this morning and then went soul winning for around two hours. The God of Heaven moved as we were able to talk to alot of people and share the gospel. Didn't bring in any fish but did get alot of bites. I studied the rest of the day until supper. We had some of our friends come over for fellowship from Baldwin. The Lord gave us sweet fellowship around a meal at applebees.
Pray much for me tommorow as I preach four times and fly. Pray for us to have traveling mercies and for the power of God to rest on me as I mininster for Him!!!!


Coldddddddddd on top of Mount Washington as we flew to Fryeburg Maine!

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running4him said...

You think that is cold, Dad and I slept out in our tent in 20 degree weather, then the next morning there was 10 inches of snow on the ground!!!! Praying for you.