A Great LORDS Day!!!!

The Lord Jesus Christ be praised for all that was accomplished on yesterday. I was thrilled to be able to preach on the Grace of Giving to Missions on Sunday Morning. We almost had a full house of people as the Word of God went forth. The Lord is doing such great things in our local church and I bless His Name and give Him all the Glory for it. The missions conference has gotten off to a huge jump start. It's seems to me that every time you do something special for missionaries the Lord just gives the church an extra blessing. That's what has happened at our church thus far. It's such a thrill to be part of a local church that wants to make a difference in our state and around the world. Remember to click on the title of the broadcast to go to our daily audio update. And please brethren, "Pray for Us!"

A Glance at the street we park on for church. This is a great testimony to the community that our God is up to something at Calvary Baptist Church!!

Training our future song leaders in the church service on Sunday Morning!!

Pastor and Mrs. Amy enjoying worshipping our God on Sunday Morning!!

Our friend and companion!!
My mom and dad with the grand kids!!

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