April 28, 5:51 a.m. 2009

Greetings in Jesus Name I bless the Lord this morning for His salvation. I glad I know who Jesus is. So many in our country and around the world have never heard his name. Oh to get the Gospel out to a lost and dying world before it is everylasting to late. Continue to pray for us as we reach souls in this area.

I had a good time yesterday catching up on chores around the house and trying to finish the pulpit for Bro. Dave Short. I should be done with it today or tommorow.

Cutting wood it always something I will be doing being that we heat our water and house with it. So I was busy doing that yesterday with Miss Eleanor helping out.

I got a chance to play a little golf with my boy and a few men from town. Praise the Lord for the good fellowship.

In the middle of the day I had to fly up and get my daughter who broke her wrist. She has a cast and will have it on now for up to six weeks. Praise the Lord she wasn't hurt worse.

Today I will going out early to breakfast with a family from Massachusetts and taking their kids on an airplane ride. Also I will be studying and visiting trying to lead others to Christ. Lord willing tonight we take a group to Church Hill Baptist to revival meeting. I'm looking forward to a wonderful time of preaching and signing. Thank you for your prayers and love for us!!

Pastor Todd Bell


running4him said...

Preach the Word!! Hey, who broke a wrist??

Judy said...

Wow the pulpit looks great. Wonderful job as always. Great craftsmanship. Mom