April 30, 2009 5:37 a.m.

Greetings in Jesus Name

I pray you are having a wonderful day. The Lord has been good to each of us and for that we are eternally grateful.

What a great service we had last night. Our church was privileged to have a missionary with us to Trinidad. His presentation was a blessing. I also preached last night about be Partners in the Ministry. The God of Heaven has really been using the book of Philippians in my life these last few weeks. I enjoying reading through the book a few times a day. I haven't heard from anyone yet, did you accept the challenge to read through it with me morning and evening?

The Lord blessed in going to Canada yesterday. I still find it hard to think about how fast everything is. I left Portland at nine and was back clearing customs at 12:15p.m. Wow, now that's fast travel. Looks like I am going to do it one more time today. Pray for our travels that God would be glorified as we fly and in all the people we meet. I desire to win souls and get out the gospel everywhere we go.

Other than all of that I spent the rest of the day studying and preparing for messages.

I thrilled about the opportunities that are available for service tonight. Our family is going to Lynn Massachusetts with several families from our church. We will be singing and helping out in the revival service there. There will be a group at the hanger also tonight working on airplanes. Pray that we have a wonderful time doing the work of the ministry.

I must deliver this pulpit tomorrow. Anybody want to fly down to Massachusetts with me?

Pastor Todd Bell


Matthew Jones said...

Flying to Massachusets sounds great. I may be home with my 10 year old Ashley (she has conjunctivitus). I will be bringing her to the doctor today (I work overnight tonight) so hopefully she will be able to go to school tomorrow......
God Bless

Judy said...

I'll go with you can you fly down and pick me up!! Love you son, have a wonderful day.

Missionary for Christ! said...

Sound like you are having a great week! Keep up the great work of the Lord!-- Alec!

Philip Fryman said...

Just letting you know that my family and I have accepted the challenge to read through Philippians with you!

PHILIP said...

I just want to say what a wonderful time we had in revival in Lynn Mass.I thank God that He kept us safe on the road. God is so good to us Amen. May the Lord bless you this day. Love and prayers Philip and family.