March 28th 2012 6:00 a.m.

Greetings in the Strong Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

I thank the Lord for all that was accomplished yesterday. I love to teach the Word of God. We are having a wonderful time in my class in the morning talking about the time line of prophecy. It's such a blessing. After that I went to the hospital and made some visits. Then I was off to the airport to help fix a problem on the plane. Then I made some more visits. At lunch my wife and I went out on a date. In the afternoon I visited more in the Portland hospital. In the afternoon I cut wood, then my boy and I went out. In the evening the ladies had their monthly meeting with a church full of ladies showing up. I hear it went real well but I wasn't there (smile).

Today I'm studying, teaching, visting, flying, and preparing for our evening service. It's going to be a real blessing to be able to go and preach the Word of God! Glory to God and the Lamb for what He is doing in our ministry here. He is worthy! It's such a joy to experience the Hand of God and the annointing of God on the Work!

A Servant for Christ

Pastor Todd Bell

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